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Stay Ahead of Your Home and Commercial Maintenance

It’s no secret that performing regular maintenance is important to preserve the value and curb appeal of your property. Yet, it’s hard work to stay on top of all the small repairs and other tasks that keep your home or commercial property in tip-top shape. It can be even harder work to find a reputable handyman, electrician, plumber, carpenter or other professional to provide the help you need.

Now you need to look no further for the right professional team to help you take care of your home or commercial building. Enroll your property today to stay ahead of all your maintenance matters.

Learn about Maintenance Matters from the team themselves!

Let Us Handle Your Routine Property Maintenance … and More!

Stop spending your free time on property maintenance. It’s no fun learning how to do repairs yourself – with varying success – or trusting an unskilled handyman or unlicensed professional with repairs to your property.

Choose Maintenance Matters as your partner for keeping your home, multi-unit residential property, senior care facility, restaurant or other commercial building running smoothly all year round.
Maintenance Matters mark

“The Maintenance Matters assessment report has been a valuable tool for planning and budgeting maintenance projects for our commercial buildings throughout the year. Thank you for helping us keep on track and within our budget.”

“An interesting benefit of regularly maintaining your property has been lowering our tax liabilities while increasing the value of our real estate holdings. With Maintenance Matters, they help us keep up and actually plan for routine and not so routine maintenance. Best move we’ve made!”