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Unique Service Plans for Your Unique Property

We understand that every commercial property has its own particular maintenance needs. That’s why we partner with you to design the optimal maintenance plan for your facility. Our skilled technicians specialize in commercial building maintenance to ensure your business property stays in top shape.

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Commercial Properties – What is Included in Every Visit


  • Visually assess interior walls, ceilings, floors and windows for damage and signs of water infiltration.
  • Assess doors, closers, and hardware for proper operation.
  • Assess windows on floor level for damage and proper operation.


  • Visually assess exterior walls for missing and/or damaged cladding.
  • Visually assess exterior caulking for windows, doors, expansion joints and dissimilar materials.
  • If applicable, visually assess the roof for damage.
  • Visually assess from the ground, gutters, downspouts, scuppers and overflows for damage or obstructions.
  • Visually assess for landscaping that is overhanging or encroaching onto the roof, walls, or foundation.
  • If applicable, assess decks, porch, and patio for damage.
  • Check operation of hose bibs in the summer.


  • If applicable, test ground fault circuit interruption (GFCI) outlets for proper operation in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Check light fixtures and switches for proper operation.
  • Replace burnt-out standard light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs on ceilings and walls lower than ten feet.
  • Visually assess circuit breaker/fuse panel for tripped breakers, missing knockouts and missing cover screws.
  • Visually assess and test emergency lights and exit signs below 10 feet.


  • Check furnace and water heater gas supply lines and valves for leaks and proper operation.
  • If applicable, check furnace and water heater draft inducer motor operation.
  • Change furnace filter(s) once a quarter with a MERVE 10 standard filter in sizes 1x12x12, 1x12x24, 1x14x20, 1x14x24, 1x14x25, 1x16x25, 1x10x20. Nonstandard sizes will be an additional cost.


  • Assess for proper operation, leaks, and damage of appliances in kitchen/break room and laundry room (no appliances will be moved).
  • Visually assess hand dryer(s) for damage and test for proper operation.
  • Assess that stalls/bathroom fixtures are properly secured and operational.

Additional Requested Services


  • Grease trap cleaning.
  • Water filters/reverse osmosis filters.
  • Flush hot water heater(s) annually.
  • Assess hot water or steam heat system.
  • Assess backflow prevention valve every 6 months or yearly.
  • Treat septic system quarterly to maintain bacteria balance.
  • Well pump and system inspection.
  • Annual well chlorination.
  • Annual water quality test.
  • Water softener salt delivery and stock.
  • Assess and sanitize garbage disposal.


  • Inspect/replace humidifier filter.
  • Inspect dehumidifier.
  • Spring HVAC tune-up/cleaning.
  • Fall HVAC tune-up/cleaning.
  • Clean dryer vent(s).

Fire Prevention

  • Fire pump inspection.
  • Fire sprinkler system inspection.
  • Fire alarm system inspections.
  • Fire suppression system inspections.
  • Inspect fire escapes.


  • Window washing.
  • Gutter cleaning.
  • Power washing decks/building/parking lot/roof.
  • Parking lot sealcoating and restriping.
  • Weed/grass killer on sidewalk/parking lot.
  • Caulking.
  • Moving/cover patio furniture in or out for season changes.
  • Lawn sprinkler service/winterizing.
  • Septic Pumping.
  • Septic/drain tile jetting.
  • Well pump replacement.
  • Well Chlorination.
  • Water quality test.
  • Water softener service/replacement.
  • Assess / service fence/gates.
  • Garage door service/replacement.
  • Clean window wells of debris.


  • Caulking.
  • Faucet replacement.
  • Sink replacement.
  • Toilet replacement.
  • Clean water tank on toilet.
  • Dryer install/replacement.
  • Bathroom fixtures.
  • Light fixture/fan.
  • Appliance hookup/disconnection.
  • Remodel projects.
  • Moving/assembling furniture.
  • HVAC tune up.
  • Duct cleaning.
  • Carpet/tile cleaning.
  • Tile/LVP install.
  • Hanging pictures.
  • Changing an outlet.
  • Replace washing machine water supply lines (should be done every 4 years).
  • All your building maintenance, emergency service and renovation needs!


  • Security camera assessment.
  • Hard wired surge protector assessment.
  • Annual roof assessment.
  • Hood cleaning.
  • Waste grease removal.
  • Clean/change microwave recirculating filter.
  • Fence/gate assessment.
  • Visually assess storm water management systems are clear of debris and obstructions.
  • Visual assess of the exterior sidewalks and parking lots for excessive damage/deterioration.
  • Visually assess and test overhead door(s), operators and sensors for proper operation and damage.

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