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Let Us Take Maintenance Matters Off Your Hands

If home maintenance is not your thing, and you’d rather be spending your free time on the things you do like to do, it’s time you became a Maintenance Matters member. We’ll handle the routine maintenance and be your resource for all your handyman, repair and renovation needs.

Keeping Home Ownership Fun and Rewarding

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Busy Professionals

There’s only so much time in the day, and you’d probably prefer to spend the free time you have with your family and activities you enjoy rather than taking care of that never-ending to-do list. Hand that list to the Maintenance Matters team of professionals who are happy to take care of it for you.

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New Homeowners

Buying your first home is exciting, until you realize you don’t have the landlord or super to call when something breaks. Maintenance Matters can give you the security of knowing that trained and licensed professionals are handling home maintenance tasks you may not have even known had to be done, and helping you plan and budget for any necessary repairs.

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You want to be able to stay in your own home, the home you’ve lived in for so many years. But the home maintenance is getting more than you can handle by yourself. That’s when you call Maintenance Matters for help. Your dedicated technician will take care of your home the same way you have all these years and help with any handyman tasks and repair services you may need.

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Children of Aging Parents

Perhaps you’re tired of handling the to-do list at your parents’ home, or you live out of state and are unable to help. Purchasing a Maintenance Matters Home Maintenance Plan for your parents is the answer. You’ll be able to rest assured your parents have the help they need to keep their home secure as they age in place.

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Single Parent Households and Surviving Spouses

Like other Maintenance Matters Plan members, as a single parent or surviving spouse, you might not have the time, physical ability, skills, tools, or interest needed to maintain your home. The Maintenance Matters team is here to help you stay ahead of your home’s routine maintenance and identify and plan for any needed repairs.

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