Frequently Asked Questions about our Home Maintenance Plans

A regular maintenance plan helps protect your investment, keeps your home comfortable for your family and helps to avoid more costly repairs. You’ll know who to call when you need a handyman to take care of small tasks or should an emergency repair be needed. Being a Maintenance Matters member lets you spend more time enjoying your home with your family instead of worrying about maintenance projects.

Our plans are for homeowners of all types of homes. We base our pricing on the square footage of your home.

The Maintenance Matters service area covers Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin.

We believe in building relationships with our customers, so we can get to know your property and be able to help you avoid costly repairs. As a Maintenance Matters member, your maintenance and repair needs will receive priority service, including phone consultations with a technician and on-call emergency service.

The cost depends on the square footage of your home. Every plan includes routine scheduled maintenance and assessment visits to create your Home Health Report. The specifics of the quarterly tasks to be performed will be determined after your initial inspection.

Your membership includes scheduled routine maintenance and a home health check by a Maintenance Matters technician, as well as access to licensed, trained home repair professionals (such as plumbers and electricians) for all your handyman and repair needs. Services are available 24/7 for emergency issues.

The following services are included with your Maintenance Matters Residential Membership:

  • Furnace Filter: Change or clean filter
  • Doors & Windows: Lubricate and/or adjust
  • Dryer Vent: Clean/vacuum dryer lint trap
  • Light Bulbs: Check light bulbs and replace as necessary
  • Smoke & CO2 Detectors: Test each visit and replace batteries once a year
  • Dishwasher: Clean dishwasher filter
  • Exhaust Fans: Clean kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans
  • Drains: Check drains in kitchen and bathroom sinks

Click here to see the complete list your Residential Plan covers.

You will be contacted by your Maintenance Matters Home Manager who will work with you to set up the date and time for your initial meeting and Home Health Assessment. The normal scheduling window is within 2 weeks, or as your schedule allows.

During your first appointment, a Maintenance Matters Assessor will perform a thorough home checkup, evaluating all of your major systems, documenting all your major systems, all your appliances, and gathering any other information to create a plan to properly and efficiently perform routine maintenance on your home. The appointment generally takes 4 to 6 hours depending on the size of your home.

We will visit your home a minimum of 4 times per year, every 3 months, to perform the normal home assessments and routine maintenance that is included with your plan.

Materials such as filters, batteries, and light bulbs are not included and will be charge separately. Specific parts related to repairs of broken items outside your plan will be ordered and charged for separately. Parts and materials for handyman projects or other emergency issues that may arise will also be charged separately. We do not stock any specific brands or mark up any product.

We ask that you are present for the first assessment, so we can really understand your requirements and create the right plan to fit all your needs. We do not require you to be home for your regularly scheduled service as long as our technician has access to all areas of the property included in your maintenance plan.

NO! That’s the great part about our plan. We take care of all that for you and send reminders when our technicians will be coming.

Our goal is to have the same technician service your home, but due to scheduling and other unforeseen issues, this may not always be the case. However, a detailed Home Health Report will be created and saved to your files after every visit. This report can be referenced by our technicians in the field, giving them all the information they need to properly and efficiently service your home.

Contact your Home Manager to request service. This can be done by phone, email or through the customer portal.

We offer a flat hourly rate for labor to our Maintenance Matters members. Parts and materials, if needed, will be charged separately. Being a part of the plan offers you vetted contractors that you can trust when you need them.

We are available 24/7/365 to respond to emergency calls and mitigate the problem as quickly as possible.

Our assessors are handpicked by our in-house management experts. Our on-staff general contractor thoroughly trains our Home Service Technicians. We have licensed plumbers and electricians on call and a larger team of carpenters and qualified handymen available to meet your needs.

Our customer portal is available to help you keep records of all the regular maintenance and any repairs done to your home. It’s a great tool to keep appliance and other records to have when you need them. Records and pictures of all quarterly Home Health Reports and pictures of any repairs or improvements that have been made along the way can be easily accessed if needed. Proper documentation is a valuable asset, showing how well you have maintained your home.

We have gathered a team of trained professionals to take care of any job you need. No job is too small or too big!

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