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Know Who to Call for A Trusted Handyman

Need help building furniture, fixing a crack in your drywall, installing a new faucet or other small jobs around your condo or townhome? What about ensuring your in-unit mechanicals and appliances are maintained in proper working order? While condo living is often billed as maintenance-free, the truth is all homes need regular maintenance that’s not covered by the homeowners’ association fees.

When you become Maintenance Matters Member, you’ll have access to the handyman and other maintenance and repair professionals you need with one quick call. No more asking friends or neighbors for referrals or wondering if the job will be done right.

You can simply contact your Home Account Manager to explain what you need and the right technician for the job will be scheduled to visit your unit at your convenience. Best of all, Maintenance Matters members are charged our hourly rate for handyman services, making it easy to budget your maintenance and repairs.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Membership

Regular maintenance is essential to protect your valuable home investment. We want to help! That’s why Maintenance Matters members enjoy scheduled  accessments and maintenance visits by a trained technician, as well as additional benefits that make it much easier to keep the to-do list DONE!

Maintenance Matters Membership Benefits:

  • Initial assessment of the systems and features of your home to create an inventory for your regular home maintenance visits and identify any repairs that could be done now or in the future.
  • Scheduled home maintenance and accessment visits by a trained home Maintenance Matters technician.
  • Additional requested services are available as needed.
  • Phone consultations with a Maintenance Matters technician for advice on issues that occur between scheduled appointments.
  • 24/7/365 on-call emergency service.
  • Handyman services outside regular maintenance services charged at an hourly rate.
  • Online portal to check appointment times and store home maintenance documents for a full record of all maintenance and repairs to your home.

Become a Member

Join the homeowners who trust the Maintenance Matters team to take home maintenance off their hands.